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Krista Eaton : Lives in Scottsadale Arizona

Krista was born in 1977, in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Krista studied at Emily Carr and the Federation of Canadian Artists and is currently at the Scottsdale Artists School. Studied with Daniel Keys, Mike Svob, Joni Falk, and Nicoletta Baumeister.

Krista has had many solo exhibitions including the Government of Canada Library in West Vancouver, BC. 

She has sold to many Canadian collectors as well as international. Krista is currrently teaching at the Scottsdale Artists’ School and living in Scottsdale painting in her studio daily.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement:

Whenever I look at something that interests me a bouquet of flowers a field of poppies, the question I ask myself is: what is it I really see? This question causes me to look for shapes and tones, colors I love. Then, like writing a story I put these things all together and with great enjoyment paint something that creates some delight. I like to paint things you recognize with my own unique painterly perspective. 

My vision

Art has been a part of my life from a very young age.  I not only loved drawing and painting i had the benefit of a very artistic Mother.  I remember  one day she framed on of my first bird paintings, and it made it official for me I was an artist!  And so weather it’s in the vibrant colors in a bouquet of flowers, or the beauty of a little chickadee I am constantly finding inspiration all around me.  Life isn’t easy and nothing that is good comes easy,   art Is one of those things.  As Bob Ross once said, “we don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents.”

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